5S Methodology


 To know and understand how to IMPROVE or GROW your business you need to look beneath the accounts, beyond the financials. We specialize in providing an end to end service that firsts breaks down the walls that separate your different data sources from your financials. 

     Once your data is joined we create reports, dashboards and centralized budgeting tools giving you complete control and a"big picture" perspective of your performance.  When you look at your numbers as a whole you gain a real and deep understanding of your position and outlook..

Plan for improving how you capture, store, manage, share & use your data

Strategy (data strategy)

Driving your business in the direction of your strategic goals is your primary objective.  Ours is optimize your chances of getting there by putting your data to work for you.  It should earn its keep just like everything else in the workplace.  We start with your vision, bring the components together to make it a reality.

By identifying bottle necks in your routines we can help you simplify and automate your processes and procedures to make sure that your company runs every day as effectively as possible.  Based on your business drivers we help you structure your data inputs to ensure you get value adding output.

Simplify (standardize routines)

Simplify, work smart, & do it once! (single entry).   Enrich & improve the quality of inputs to supercharge your outputs

Integrate financials & operations (time, project, HR, production, logistics +++) & consolidate your group companies

Structure (system architecture)

We get all your systems talking and your data flowing in the same direction using our in-house integration platform (Uniifire) , so that when you have a question your data is ready to answer.

Solutions (your questions answered)

Using top of the range software we can provide standard business intelligence solutions to get you off the ground quickly, or tailor make solutions to tell your story with your data in a way that makes sense to you. Greater insights will help you understand what is really going on beneath the surface.

Online dashboards, rolling forecasts, statistical models, centralized budgeting, advanced analytics.  

We stand by you to get your business running like clockwork.

Service (collaboration)

From concept to design, delivery and implementation we are beside you every step of the way.  Just call us when you need assistance, whether it be a system related issue, a data related inquiry or you just need some advice.  We have a wide range of expertise in business intelligence, information technology and strategic management accounting and we are happy to help you find answers to your questions.

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