Connecting people & information, for making good decisions.. fast!


from reactive to proactive leadership

integrate, automate, centralize & streamline

 reporting, budgeting, forecasting & analytics

What we do in less than 2:15 seconds!

"Stress less, Achieve more"!

Integration Platform - Uniifire

making it easier to produce complete and comprehensive reports by integrating all your relevant data sources via Mantle's cloud based integration platform.

  • "De-Silo" data

  • Avoid double booking

  • Centralize and streamline

  • Cleanse & transform data

  • Create upload ready templates for tax reporting

  • Create integration packages

  • Control tower

  • Alarm centre

Business Growth


empowering business to see "beyond the numbers" addressing strengths and weaknesses and building solid foundations to support high growth ambitions

  • Key Predictive Indicators

  • System migration

  • Project Management

  • Rolling Forecasts

  • Red Alerts

  • Scoreboards

  • Internal controls

  • 5 year plans

  • Cash flow control

Better information for enhanced decision making leading to great outcomes

  • ​Reports

  • Dashboards

  • Analytics

  • Planning/ Forecasting

  • Consolidation

  • Financial Modelling

  • Workflows

  • Non-financial inputs



World Class


modern cloud based HTML-5 responsive platform powered by the latest technology

  • Cloud based

  • Integration ready

  • Timely data

  • Customizable

  • White label / own brand

  • AI & ML* compatible

Key Outcomes

Happy People

Higher profits

Stronger growth

More free time


   We have several customers who need their own customised instances of the solution, and here Mantle has been absolutely critical for us with regards to making this happen in the most effective way, both for us as a supplier and customer.

Bård Andreas Hansen
Managing Director

    I recommend Mantle Analytics to anyone who wants a better and more effective control of their Accounting Practice or company. Mantle's solutions have given our customers more insight and a better foundation for making both financial and strategic decisions.

Camilla Todnem Aanestad
Operations Manager

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