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  Bizview was designed to look and feel like something that controllers, finance people, and other users already know – namely Excel. By mimicking Excel in BizView, users can create everything from simple to highly advanced web-based forms and reports based on many different data sources and the BizView Datastore.

 Today Bizview Systems is one of the leading software vendors of forecasting, budgeting and reporting solutions in the Nordic countries. We have more than 1000 companies using our solutions world wide.

BizView is developed and marketed by Bizview Systems with offices in Scandinavia and is marketed outside Scandinavia by partners.

  Even today the organisation is driven by the desire to give the user the power to create solutions themself. This makes them different! They are primarily interested in the customer ability to manage their solutions as much as possible themself. Therefore they offer a user-friendly product, proper training, good documentation and a great support to our customers.


 Pragmatic Works is a team of dedicated and passionate SQL Server and BI professionals on a mission to help developers and DBAs operate more efficiently through innovative products, solutions and training for data platforms.

  Pragmatic Works offer software that simplifies the development and management of SQL Server, and deliver top-tier SQL Server training offerings and consulting services for even the most complex data management, Big Data, Cloud and Business Intelligence projects.


  OneStop Reporting develop and sell software for Business Intelligence, an area that is becoming increasingly important in a competitive business environment.

  OneStop Reporting AS was established in 2007, and the OneStop Reporting product suite has been available since 2009. The team behind OneStop Reporting has previously developed the solutions Solver Group Consolidation/Enterprise Reporting and iLytix XL Reporter, that were acquired by Microsoft (2000) and SAP (2005) respectively.


  Spar Pensjon is a provider of a pension funded by FRAM Fondene AS. Their solution is integrated directly with Altinn and cuts unnecessary joints in managing pension. Correct calculation is made based on what is reported through the a message.


  That way, they ensure properly calculated pension, reasonable and efficient. Behind Save Pension is a number of people with long experience from economics, technology, strategy and management.

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Our Partners

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