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  We implement cutting edge technology for planning, budgeting, prognoses, analysis and reporting.  The platform sits on top of your finance and other operational systems giving you online access to fast, effective numbers and statistics.  These are displayed in attractive visual dashboards and structured reports with "write back" capability for scenario planning and simulations.  Our platform is fully customizable.

  "As accountants or finance professionals you cannot beat the machines, but you can join them, use automation technology to speed things up. 'Add value' with accurate insights in a fraction of the time. Time is our only non renewable resource, we cannot buy it or save it.  Think about what lasting difference could you make with the luxury of extra time made free in your day?"

Laura Landmark CEO


We combine financial results with non-financial drivers to give you a better understanding of what is driving your numbers up and down.  By creating comprehensive dashboards, you get a visual high-level overview over your business performance.

You are able to analyse trends which help you gain deep insights about your current position, you are then as a result better able to predict what might happen in the future, improve processes, discover inefficiencies, support customers and reduce costs.

Key Uses:

Data Visualization | Trend Analysis  | Scorecards |  Performance Management  | KPI's

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Management Reporting

A competitive drive in corporations has seen an increased need for “big picture” reporting which joins different areas of the business to give you a complete overview and understanding of your position.


Reporting today is no longer concerned entirely with historical data, but incorporates relevant up to date information enabling you track your operations and activities as they happen.  No more waiting till long after month end to find out where you were three weeks ago!  


We make it easy for you to gain “self service” online access to any of your reports at will.  We can create the reports in the format and style and containing the exact information that you need to see. Technology allows us to automate the entire reporting process so that all stakeholders get their information in the way that makes sense to them.

Key Uses:

Management Accounts  | Board Reports  | Multi Company Consolidation  | Cash Flow |  Financial Reporting | Departmental Reporting  | Cost Control

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With Analytics you can “slice and dice”, filter and refine large volumes of data and create very specific reports with analysis based on parameters that you choose yourself.

This enables users to drill down from the various data sources and tables into the information that is most relevant to them.  Analytical reports are different than structured reports, as in the analytics module the end user chooses what to display. the reports are created “on the fly” and are intended more for internal use, although it is entirely possible to save and share these views.

Key Uses:

"On the fly" or adhoc reporting | User driven parameters & structure  | Slice and dice large volumes | Verify and reconcile results

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Rolling Forecasting

We simplify your budgeting, planning and forecasting process by making it centralised.  This means instead of lots of different spreadsheets travelling around the organisation everyone enters their budget numbers into the same version via an online platform.


This saves time in merging the department budgets at the end of the process, and also means the CFO can track, monitor and manage the entire process much more efficiently using workflow controls to open, close and approve the various submissions. Changes are visible immediately, so there are no surprises, as the CFO can immediately see how the budget as a whole is forming. Overall, the entire process is much more efficient as there is a lot less “back & forth” between the various players in the budgeting process.

Key Uses:

Quickly identify opportunities and risks
Driver based planning and "what if" scenario analysis | React quickly to redeploy resources to meet goals

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Driver-based Planning

Driver based planning involves creating budgets and forecasts based on the drivers behind the end result. This takes planning beyond the simple P&L and focuses on identifying the criteria that are actually driving your numbers up and down. In other words, the true underlying drivers of success.


Whether that be numbers of units, measures, quantities, frequency.  As an example, number of units produced multiplied by x price = revenue or number of customer visits multiplied by x conversion rate and x contract sum = revenue.

Once the range of drivers are established we can create models to allow you to test how they will be effected by different variables.  In this way you can effectively model "what if" scenarios, and simulate different versions of the future, and are able to measure with far greater accuracy your performance against plan

Key Uses:

Focus your resources to create wealth | Identifies the exact reasons why you miss targets  | Engages department heads in improving performance Quickly plan for change by running scenarios

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