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Welcome to the 14th edition of my newsletter "Supersonic Business", a fortnightly publication by me, Laura Landmark, with a focus on business growth, value and performance management, in other words, all things that make a business better.

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"Supersonic Business" is sent from me, a Management Accountant, to those that have a leading position in SME's (small/medium businesses). The vision for the newsletter is to share information, tips and tricks to build healthy, thriving businesses from the 'inside out', it is written from the finance and administration perspective.

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I was sitting in a meeting a couple of days ago, and I realized we were suddenly discussing a new idea. My ears perked up a bit, as this was interesting, very interesting.

I managed to connect the dots from this brand new shiny idea, and reverse engineer it right back to the source. This was fascinating in itself, as the origin of the idea bore no resemblance to the nature of the discussion we were now having.

'How did that happen'? I thought, 'how did we suddenly get from there to here, and how did it happen so quickly'?!

To cut a long story short, we were asked by one customer to solve a particular problem. The request from the customer was the catalyst to the very creative solution now being discussed, one that probably never would have been arrived at by one head alone but from an eclectic mix of talent and ideas.

A collection of heads with diverse experiences and perspectives came up with an elegant and exciting proposal. We couldn't wait to test the theory in practice.

Since this is a real-life example that we are still working on, I will not divulge anything about the nature of the challenge or the solution, but it got me marveling about the power of collaboration. Of tacking challenges as a team, and listening, really listening to a range of stakeholders that bring that multi-perspective magical dimension to the table.

It's fun when you can see the direct transformation of an idea to a smart solution over a short period of time, however, it is not always so transparent and obvious. Nonetheless, I think few can argue against the power of collective intelligence.

I am a great believer in the power of the collective mind and universal wisdom. I believe once you have set your vision, or put your pin in the map so to speak, plus identified your milestones, then you should let creativity do its thing. We best not be too set on exactly how the journey should transpire, as if we are open, perceptive and adaptable, the outcomes are often better than anything we could have imagined at the start.

I recently joined a global networking group as a founder member (shout out to AIR Global!), this is a diverse group of people from all over the planet. A bunch of really cool, clever and experienced individuals.

To demonstrate the power of the collective, before we had even had four meetings one of the group members has already clocked up a significant number of sales in his pipeline from new opportunities created by us all coming together. There have also been a great number of new and creative ideas and possibilities emerging worldwide due to the connections being made in this group, its exciting.

These are windows of opportunity that didnt even exist at the beginning of 2020, as Air Global didnt exist at the beginning of 2020!

Most of us have joined AIR Global with the mindset of "what can we learn, what can we teach, what can we share, let's get to know each other and see what happens", and the possibilities and ideas are literally flowing. Who knew!

So today's newsletter is all about how to tap into the power of collective intelligence, how to add value to our teams and give ourselves the privilege and advantage of being one super creative force.

I won't say too much now, but we are also trying a new experiment in our BNI networking group (BNI Attend) around the power of teams, I will write more than that one after we kick-off.

PM me if you have any insights you would like to share with me.

* * *


3 Ways to Find Strong Creative Thinking Skills in Logic-Oriented Groups

This is a fun article about how to identify the creative bods in a typically fact-based logical thinking group (like accountants or auditors)

The author talks about finding the "maths and music" people. By this they mean find those that inherently love numbers and logic, but are also creative and have a strong musical ear. These people are great to have in a strategic thinking session as they are versatile thinkers and can bring interesting perspectives to the table.

There are a couple of other tricks the author identifies to getting the right people in the room for a creative breakthrough.

Read the full article here


Creativity in Groups

A fascinating article pointing out that the best ideas usually come from collective group thinking, and that a new idea has the potential to open doors previously unimaginable. The genius of groupthink seems to be ignited by diversity.

Unfortunately, it seems many organizations today do not encourage divergent thinking, but want people to follow rules. I recently spoke to a friend who said he had been hired by a company because he was different (different background, nationality & experience). It wasn't too long however before he was let go (fired) because he was too controversial and was rocking the boat too much. Wasn't that the whole point?! 🥴

Any innovation is the outcome of a number of small ideas contributed by many

Read the full article here


12 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Collaboration in Teams

Nothing gets done without a team of people pulling in the same direction. Detrimental to the power of the mighty team is that we have been conditioned for decades to compete.

This article states that well functioning collaborative teams are fundamental for innovation and producing creative products.

Teams provide the social “glue” in organizations that meld together people, processes, and technologies to produce services or products

Read the article for 12 great insights into how to enhance creativity and collaboration in teams.

read the full article here



For anyone wanting to go even deeper here is a full paper and a model framework for constructing winning teams. It states the difference between groups and teams.

The VICTORY Model is a “teaming model” which strives to bring members of diverse backgrounds together and prepare them for team creativity and innovation.

read the full article here

Did you know?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do brainstorming in teams. I suggest you watch this short video before starting any session, as a reminder of how to do it well.

He has some great concrete tips, including keeping groups small, 5-7 people, and that the ideas should be recorded without thinking too much about them, all ideas will be evaluated later.

here is a link to the article that accompanies the video

Words of wisdom

Books on the bedside table this week.

Not your typical Friday night read, but I started this book last night and it is intriguing. Adam Coffey has done a really great job of describing this strange new world from two perspectives. One who is engaging with PE firms with a view to selling his business, and one who is looking to join a PE firm.

Anyone with an interest in how to work, thrive and grow effectively in the PE space should read this masterpiece.

PS. In case you are wondering, Mantle is not in this arena yet, but you never know, maybe one day!

Top Tip -

Talent wins games, but teamwork & intelligence wins championships - Michael Jordan

Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

Always end with a thanks!

🙏Thanks to Rob Brown and Martin Bisset for pulling together the fantastic new Air Global group, it's a pleasure and an honor to be part of this new thriving community.

Something to watch

Have a peek at my last video where I talk to Kenneth Flaglien of Visma software about the order to cash process where he explains how to ensure you get 30% of your money on time. A lifesaver for a scaling business.

Thanks for reading & see you next time

Laura x0x0

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