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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

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Welcome to the 4th edition of my newsletter "Supersonic Business", a fortnightly publication by me, Laura Landmark, with a focus on business growth, value and performance management, in other words, all things that make a business better.

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Sandnes, Norway, Saturday morning, 31st August 2019

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"Supersonic Business" is sent from me, a Management Accountant, to other Accountants, Finance Partners, CFO's, CEO's & those that have a leading position in business. The vision for the newsletter to share information, tips and tricks to build healthy, thriving businesses from the 'inside out', it is written from the finance and administration perspective.

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Good morning one and all

Its apple harvest time, our old tree in the back garden is literally dripping with them. My garden always amazes me, as we have never consciously planted any fruit, yet at different times of the year we can find apples, plums, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currents and raspberries. I literally have no idea where most of these have come from, the apple tree has been there forever though.

Every time I look at that tree I marvel at the fact that the old bit of wood (as it really is a rickety old tree) has the potential to burst forth with all that wonderful fruit, year after year with no attention, no help, and no fertilizer. Somewhere inside is the potential to create, its magnificence and abundance unfolded from a little seed that just stood its ground.

As I was thinking about the potential we see all around us in nature, I took a stroll past this building on one of my regular local walks (see pic below). This has special meaning to me as in October 2016 me and a couple of neighbours started a petition to get this middle school built after it was ceremoniously and suddenly struck off the 'plan'.

We collected several thousand signatures and the local press followed us to the mayors office, where we were politely served tea, and politely told "no way".

This became a political debate back and forth, and at the same time we scoured all the publicly available documents we could get our hands on in order to "prove" they had made a miscalculated decision. I thought we had a pretty good case, but still after several months of work it was still "no way". They planned to delay the start of building of the school to 2020, then 2022, then 2024. It seemed like a hopeless cause, and we eventually rested our case, our work was done, it was disappointing, but we had put up a noble fight. David and Goliath springs to mind!

Yet here it is today! Majestically peeping through the woods as it stands tall and proud, water tight, windows in, and ready to welcome hundreds of pupils from autumn next year.

What happened?! This building is testament to the potential in the collective. There was no one person or one action responsible for getting this school back on the agenda, but as we joined together to amiably and persuasively state our case, the local council suddenly took an about turn, and announced in August 2017, less than a year after our campaign efforts began that we would get our school 'on time' after all!

Its actually mind blowing to think that what started as little grumble on Facebook turned into this. Never underestimate the power of potential, of what you cannot see, but what could be. potential is endless, and potential is limitless.

Needless to say, the theme for today's letter is "potential" in all its various wonderful forms.

* * *


Productivity Potholes: Bad Behavior Is Crushing Collaboration's Potential

This is a interesting article about 'bad behavior' ruining the potential of successful collaboration on communication tools. It touches on how users, without proper support and guidelines, move from excitement, to boredom to abandonment.

I think this applies to many different sorts of software applications, not just collaboration tools. Without proper implementation, training and adoption, it is likely to just be an expensive new fad.

It never fails to amaze me how averse companies are about paying for expert support in order to capitalize on the use of their powerful software. Its all about optimizing your chance of getting return on investment (ROI).

Read the full article here


Three Tips for Getting an Accurate Business Valuation

This article caught my attention having just finished building a driver based rolling valuation model using the DCF (discounted cash flow principle).

There is more to valuing a company than pure numbers though, as this article points out, there is value in customer relationships, the perception of your brand, your systems your reputation etc.

It also points out it is important to choose your appraisal team carefully when calculating a formal valuation. I standby that, our DCF model is not to be used in place of an experienced valuation agent.

Read the full article here


The value of sustainability to business

The author opens this article with this lovely quote:-

“Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children.” – Kenyan proverb

I fully buy in to the idea that we, as business leaders need to take action to realize the potential value in creating more sustainable and transparent business.

We at #Mantle work quite frequently with businesses that are involved in various industries that require environmental reporting. The benefit of this is that we set them up with a mechanism to help them track if they are improving or regressing in their efforts to become more eco friendly.

Read it here


Rock your referrals with Rob Brown's course (BD Academy)

This week I posted on Linkedin in answer to a question by Gabe Zubizarreta regarding what is one of the worst reason for not improving, my answer was that one of the worst reasons is because we think we know it all already!

And I thought I knew how to get referrals until I went through this online course!, you just ask right?... wrong! The course is a real eye opener, going into the psychology behind getting quality referrals as well as sources and strategies to be effective. I highly recommend the course, Rob has kindly made a free link to it which you can click on below. There is huge potential for our businesses to grow if we get this right.

Here is a link to Rob's 5 day referral challenge, I highly recommend it. Click here

Did you know?

Bookkeeper and the words derived from it (bookkeeping etc.) are the only words in the English language with 3 consecutive sets of double letters!

Words of wisdom

Books on the bedside table this week.

In order to escape the trap of constantly competing based on price, you must render price a non-issue " Author Rhondalynn Korolak

I have started reading this book, and it is literally blowing me away. I love the way Rhondalynn is combining the deepest workings of our inner mind and setting that in the context of how we perceive value. This is not just a business book, it is a philosophy. I highly recommend it.

Top Tip - see what cannot be seen!

I wrote this tip in response to a LinkedIn post from Gabe Zubizarreta, it got a bit of positive response, so I thought I would share it here too..

In response to his statement

Always bring out the best in others, and help them become more successful. Demonstrate “The Courage to Take Responsibility for the Development of Others and Oneself,” on a daily basis.

I like the old saying, "a problem shared is a problem halved", and now you have got me thinking as to whether "a success shared is a success doubled".  Either way, I think reaching out and supporting others, by picking them up when they fall or encouraging them when they are on a winning streak is the best way to live a fulfilling life.  Its all about giving. Laura Landmark.

Always end with a thanks!

🙏Thanks to my really dear friend and Coach extraordinaire Rita Hausken Barkhodaee who has gone out of her way this week to help me identify my true purpose. Also thanks to Mirjam Engelsvold for her solid support and her ability to help me see things from a different persective, you draw insights out of me that I didnt even know where in there!. Rita and Mirjam, you are two of my 'rocks', I am very grateful to you both 💛

Thanks also to Gaute Steinkopf, for his encouragement, welcoming nature, good humour, and great business testimonials. He always has lots of positive things to say about Mantle, and I appreciate him spreading the word. 👌

Something to watch

Have a peak at my last video which is all about managing the distractions of the next big shiny object and following things through to their full potential.

Thanks for reading & see you next time

Laura x0x0

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