The Future Focused Accountant's
4 STEP Plan

Competing at the highest-level today means offering your customers more value-added services.  Proactive advice, attention and guidance is what will make your accounting practice stand out from the rest.

Employing technology to take care of the repetitive manual work will leave you and your team mates free to do what humans do best, to focus on collaboration, communication and innovation. Don’t get left behind or “wipe out” in the when the forth industrial revolution wave breaks, your customers need you to stay in the game, and we are here to help.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) technology is your new best friend. We have designed a four-step implementation program to get you up and running.

“We are helping make today’s Accountant into tomorrow’s Financial Superheroes."

Step 1. Compliance

(Easy Communication)

“The dutiful accountant”

After implementing your CPM software we help you design a standard month end pack which can be run in seconds for your customers. This is easy to share and highly scaleable as you can produce many packs in parallel and allow your customers online access.

Step 2. Control

(Greater Accuracy)

“The diligent controller”

We set you up with a set of control tools to help you as accountants quickly identify outliers, anomalies and mistakes with particular focus on significant sums.

Step 3. Management (Greater Insights)

“The management accountant”

We build you a set of management tools designed to help you manage your practise. For example, identifying clients that might need special attention, due to lagging results or sudden changes. We also help you set up suitable management accounting systems for larger customers with special requirements.

Step 4. Entrepreneurial

(Greater Foresight)

“The strategic business partner”

Using modern technology, we get you focused on the “what's next”, we can help you identify and extrapolate trends to create rolling forecasts and scenario plans.


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